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Philosophy and Values of Advenures In Japan

This page is intended to familiarize you with my attitudes and approach to touring in Japan, so that you can make a more intelligent decision regarding your participation in any of our tours.

I am fascinated by the vast contrasts between Japanese and North American cultures, and I have learned a great deal as I have examined these differences. I enjoy expanding my palate’s horizons. Japanese cuisine offers outstanding possibilities in this regard, and can be pleasingly provocative to Western tastes. I am learning to temper my love of good food with a growing sensitivity to respecting my body. Typical Japanese eating patterns support me in this process. (However, do not take this to mean that over-eating will be easy to avoid in Japan!) I am happy when overnight accommodations are comfortable, safe, and clean. I place a higher value on rich experiences than on extremely luxurious accommodations. That being said, on our Excellent Adventure Tours we will be staying in some very fine hotels.

I place great value on adequate preparation by those who join my tours. Such preparation is both physical and mental. Physical preparation includes some form of regular exercise (walking is great) for several weeks prior to departure; it is important because a) jet lag can be very taxing, and b) our tours often include a lot of walking. Mental preparation can include reading about cultural differences, and acquiring knowledge about specific elements of the itinerary. The goal is to minimize any prejudices which may arise from ignorance, and create excitement and anticipation regarding the experiences ahead.

I seek to build my life on a foundation of gratitude and positive expectations. I desire traveling companions who share this outlook. I believe we are profoundly privileged to live in such a wonderful and amazing world. By traveling together I believe persons of good will become catalysts for love, hope, and joy, and ambassadors for peace and healing.